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"Money Talks" Music Industry info-graphics for Riposte Magazine Issue 3.

Photography - Catherine Losing

Set Design - Anna Lomax

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Endesa Pavilion, Barcelona, Spain by IaaC | via

ENDESA Pavilion is a self-sufficient solar prototype installed at the Marina Dock, within the framework of the International BCN Smart City Congress. Over a period of one year it will be used as control room for monitoring and testing several projects related to intelligent power management.

The pavillion is actually the prototype of a multi-scale construction system. A facade composed by modular components, like solar brick, that respond to photovoltaic gaining, solar protection, insulation, ventilation, lighting … The same parametric logic adapt façade geometries to the specific environmental requirements for each point of the building.

Photography: Adrià Goula

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typeverything: - Paul Effert, Artothek Logo 1982

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